56T organising their knowledge about Government

Check out how students in 56T have organised their knowledge about the government in response to the previous post. I am impressed with how much they have learnt. I wonder what new information they will teach you.

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  1. Hi Miss Bryceland. I just came on the blog to see if there were any recent posts and I saw all of those brilliant pictures that we took at Canberra. I was just wondering if you could put in more pictures? Thanks.

    1. I will definitely be posting more pictures on the blog soon. They will go up with the Stage 3 quality blog posts, once they are completed.

  2. Hi Miss B and 5/6J at Kingswood South,

    3/4Perth and Miss Ali Khan have used both Popplet and Bubbl.us. We think Bubbl.us is easy to use because it’s a fun webtool that allows us to brainstorm our ideas. If you like Popplet, Bubbl.us is very similar so give it a go!
    Let us know how you go and whether you like the Bubbl.us webtool.


  3. Hi Guilford!

    5/6J at Kingswood South also love using Popplet. We haven’t tried Bubbl.us, is it easy to use? Should we give it a go?

    Miss B and 5/6J

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