Bebras Challenge

Want a new challenge?

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Do you enjoy solving puzzles and working collaboratively to find solutions? Do you read instructions carefully?

Why not try out this website for some computational thinking.

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For the free challenges you will need to click the Bebras365 tab and scroll down to the relevant year group. You might even want to challenge yourself.

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think and what you recommend for others.

Reciprocal Reading in 5T

WALT: Understand and explain the importance of reciprocal reading groups and share it with a wider audience via blogs.

TIB: Reciprocal reading helps us learn to guide group discussions using four comprehension strategies (summarising, questioning, clarifying, and predicting). This encourages us to think about our own thought process during reading and helps us to be actively involved and monitor our comprehension skills as we read.


  • Why is reciprocal reading important?
  • Are the interconnectors useful in helping to understand the text deeper? Why/ why not?
  • Summarise the comprehension strategies we use when reading.




In pairs, choose a webtool to SHOW your understanding of reciprocal reading and its importance. (popplet, prezi, padlet, bubblus, voki, microsoft word, google slide). Record at least 8 things about reciprocal reading.

You may use titles, images, sub- headings etc to demonstrate your understanding.

Save your presentation and add 1 thing about reciprocal reading to the shared Padlet



SRC merit certificate competition


Competition Poster

Thanks to Mrs Belomesoff and the SRC, students in years 3-6 have had the opportunity to design a new merit certificate to replace the old one: 

Old Merit Award

Take a look at some of the creative designs Guildford students have come up with. It was a difficult decision indeed!

Congratulations to our  2016 winner: Anna in 6AK!

Winning Entry 2016
Winning Entry 2016


We will all look forward to receiving one of these fabulous awards at the fortnightly assemblies.

Stage 2 Understand about Blogs

Today your job is to explain what you know about blogging and being safe on the internet using a different webtool.

WALT: understand the importance of being safe online

You can find the webtools on the sidebar.

TIB – The internet can be an unsafe place. We need to know how to be sensible and use it safely.


  • navigate the blog
  • read blogging guidelines on at least 2 different blogs
  • select a webtool and explore it
  • create a presentation which explains  Blogging Guidelines to others.

Completed products will be published on the blog!




Welcome To Guildford ICT Discoveries Blog !

Last year I learnt that a blog is basically a website that can share lots ideas to anyone!
Also, there are parts of a blog such as the side bars, the footer, the header and most importantly, the body.
Lastly, your comment is permanent, and the whole world can see it, so you need to be very careful what you type.

So start blogging! From Zainab

5T Research task!

As part of the HSIE unit, 5T have been learning about the Australian history.
In pairs, students have been using their library time effectively to research early Australian explorers by using their questioning skills to find information (5W 1H questions).

Task! Comment on the box below by typing in ONE interesting question you are using to find information about your famous early Australian explorer/s AND what Web tool you will use to present your research to the class.

Happy researching 5T!