Dream Machine Similes


WALT: compare and describe using similes

TIB: Good writers use a range of language features to make their writing interesting and engage the reader.


  • access the Dream Machine LInk
  • Create a dream machine
  • Use at least 3 similes to describe it.
  • Record the similes you use in your books.


Ride Ricardo Ride

WALT: retell and summarise a familiar story

TIB: Good readers can retell stories in a few sentences.

Comprehension Skills


What will this book be about?

What evidence do you have to support your thoughts?


Pair discussion:

Where is the story set?

Who are the characters? How are they feeling?

What changes in the story?

What inspired the author to write this story?

WILF: Choose one!




Y5 PBL Update 2

During PBL we have received a folder and a timeline that helps us allocate our jobs so we can easily get started.Our groups are starting to finish up their Magazine.In week 8 we are going to present our magazines.

MadMagz is an online website where you can create your own magazine.It has everything you need to create a Magazine.We also all have an account on MadMagz so that we can change and save our work as we go. https://madmagz.com/

Written by Shaekiba’s group

Transport PowerPoint

Hi 2K,


Today we will be researching a type of transport and making a PowerPoint to present the information.


  • Slide 1: Title page with a heading and picture of your transport.
  • Slide 2: Classification.
  • Slide 3: Description.
  • Slide 4: Use.
  • Slide 5: Conclusion.

You might like to use different fonts, backgrounds and pictures to make your presentation look good!

Don’t forget to use your BUMP IT UP checklist!

Save your presentation in our classroom folder.


We want to inform others about what we’re learning.

Look forwarding to seeing them!

Miss Karamaneas 🙂

Stage 3 RFF – Book Week Task 1

WALT: To revise the structure and language features used in persuasive texts.

Book Week Text: And the Band played Waltzing Matilda


QUESTION: What is a discussion??

question mark



Discussion image

TASK: ‘Should the ANZAC veterans march or not?’

Write a letter to the Prime Minister persuading the reasons as to why the Australian soldiers should or should not march.

Complete the task in your workbooks before publishing (if time)


  • Written Discussion structure and language features
  • A persuasive and reasonable argument
  • Written work must be edited


3/4K Monday 1st August

Lesson 1 –

WALT: explore online webtools

TIB: we can become more creative with our writing.

WILF: * create a new account on storybird

First lab session use of storybird – https://storybird.com/accounts/signup/?

Sign up and digital sandpit time in computer lab top explore –

sticky note

You will need to write 2 sticky notes to answer these questions

  1. What as difficult?
  2. What did you like?