We welcome visitor comments on our blog however, internet safety is paramount. Please follow the Blogging Guidelines in order to keep our students safe online.

Safe Bloggers follow these rules when leaving comments: 

1)Only use your first name on the internet.

2) Only write things you are proud of. Make sure they are respectful.

2) Comments need to be relevant and on topic so they make sense.

3) Always check your comment for spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes.

4) Never share personal information about yourself or others.

5) You MUST THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK whenever online.

Remember that you will never be 100% sure who is on the other side of the screen.

 Please note that all comments will be approved by the teachers before published.


Please feel free to comment on our blog. We only ask that you don’t use any student names or references that will identify any students.

 How to write a quality blog post:

Quality bloggers write posts that have:

  • catchy titles/ headings
  • short paragraphs
  • simple, clear interesting information
  • visual images
  • links to other websites or blog pages

What new skills have you developed this week?

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