5T Write text reviews


WALT: question and reflect on a specific text

TIB: good readers think critically about what they read and recommend texts to others


  • Watch video (wear headphones)
  • Answer all the questions in literacy books using full sentences
  • Read your answers to a group member
  • Listen to someone else’s review

Review questions

Where is the story set?

How can you tell the story is set here?

What is the best part of the story?

What do or don’t you like about the story?

How have you changed since reading the story?

What does the story make you want to do?

2K and 2N connecting across the globe

Next term 2K and 2N will be connecting with students from a school in England.


Let’s find out a bit about our buddy school :

[wmd-buttons style=”gradient” button_color=”#e01645″ font_color=”#ffffff” size=”2″ border_radius=”15″ position=”center” target=”_blank” ls-id=”57024e308d2a5″][wmd-buttons-button label=”Wellington Primary School” link=”http://www.wellingtonprimaryschool.co.uk/”/][/wmd-buttons]

Where is our buddy school?


How could we introduce ourselves to our buddy class?

What should we tell them about ourselves? our school?

What questions do we want to ask them?


34R are independent learners


Today you will be working independently.

Everything you need to know will be somewhere on the blog. You will have to be a good detective to locate the tasks. You must make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.

Be warned! You need to complete the following task first!

WALT:  navigate websites to locate specific information

TIB: this is a life skill for using the internet.


  1. Go to at least 2 different websites.

2. Locate internet safety rules on websites.

3. Record  4 sticky notes of good rules that could be used in our blogging guidelines.

If you think you are finished try one of the games from our cybersafety page.