Online collaboration in 34P

This year 34P have been working really hard with their teachers to learn some essential life skills using technology:

* typing
* researching
* online security
* collaboration
* cooperation
* respect

Just to name a few.
We asked them to reflect on their learning with technology over the year as they collaborated on a Google Document with 28 other students online together. Check out what they came up with.

34P Collaborative Task

What a great year of learning with technology!!


Today you are going to think about all the things you have learnt this year and how technology has helped you to be successful in your learning.

WALT – write a collaborative blog post

TIB – collaboration is a life skill

* access Google Classroom
* use one row only!!
* write your name and at least 3 tools you have used this year
* say how you used the tool
* say how it has been useful for your learning

Enjoy!! Once everyone has finished we will make the collaborative post.