PBL Update 6

5J and 5T have been working extremely hard to finish their amazing magazines and YouTube channels, to prepare and present their final projects in week 3. We have been using amazing tools to create our project, we started off using popplet to jot down our ideas about our magazines, then we moved onto MadMagz to create it whilst the Drone group have been using iMovie and have been so close to uploading their video on YouTube. Today we will be planning our presentations where we use screenshots and include them in our planning slides. #WorkingHard #Magazines #MadMagz #iMovie #LastWeekUntilPresentaion


PBL Update 5

During this session of PBL we have worked  to complete our magazines. In the coming week we will be presenting them. Most groups have completed and are ready to present. All groups have worked really hard in the past weeks and are excited to show others their final product.




img_0172 img_0171 img_0170 img_0166 img_0164


Writing Prompts

WALT – think about word choices when we write.

TIB – Good Writers choose words carefully to engage the reader.


Look at this picture.

What is happening?

Imagine you were there. What would you be thinking? feeling? hearing? smelling? doing?

Write a short story using this image as the setting for your story.

Try to use interesting words, punctuation and sentences carefully.