What is coding?

Coding is a fantastic way for students to understand computational thinking and it encourages them to be creative when solving problems collaboratively.



The possibilities with coding skills are endless.

 Coding is a process to find solutions to problems

Recommended steps to begin creating with code: Reference 

1. Define your problem: Think about what you want to solve/ achieve?

2. Design your solution: Project planning, algorithm design (flowcharts/storyboards), “Pitch” idea.

3. Implement your solution: This might involve coding or creating the product.

4. Test and debug: Does it work the way that you want it to work? Test & fix! Find “bugs” in code by “debugging”.

5. Evaluate solutions: Did it meet your desired goals? What was the impact? How could it be improved?

6. Communicate ideas: Share your creation (online, school, family).

At Guildford we are trying to integrate coding skills across different subjects. It is such a great tool to use for presenting, explaining and creating new ideas.

Some of the many coding websites available are:

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