3/4 Perth’s Avatar task

Good Morning 3/4 Perth,
Personalise our profile by creating an avatar
– Save a DoppelMe account
– Create an interesting avatar
– Save your DoppelMe avatar onto your desktop
– Save your avatar onto the blog dashboard
Contributors to blogs can make their profile personalised

Looking forward to seeing some creative avatars!

3/4Perth’s Task

Good morning 3/4Perth.
In today’s lesson we will be learning more about blogs.

WALT: Be a blog contributor

– Checking your email
– Accessing the blog link from an email
– Exploring the blog dashboard
– Identifying at least 3 dashboard features and the purpose of them

Contributors to blogs have easier access.

Happy Holidays!

Hi Guildford Public,

I would like to say that:

1) Happy Holidays to everyone including the staff members!

2) I wish the people who volunteered for the UNSW English Competition good luck!

3) I miss you guys a lot!