About ICT Discoveries

Welcome to  the Guildford ICT Discoveries blog!

This year we will be continuing our learning journey with technology and we hope to be demonstrating even more skills and talents from our wonderful students. Please check out what other classes are doing with their own blogs through the links on the sidebar.

Miss Bryceland hopes to be working with lots of students on the following skills:
* online collaboration
* e-mailing
* cybersafety (please check out the link)
* designing and creating with a range of webtools and apps
* coding
* spreadsheets
to name a few.

Being safe online is the most important skill students will learn to prepare them for use of the internet. We welcome any comments or questions on posts and pages but ask that you visit our blogging guidelines page before you move on.

Please feel free to check out the links to other class blogs across school. Here are some quick links to useful sites.

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What new skills have you developed this week?

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