CUSCAL Buddy Experience!

“Good times come to an end…” It all started in Term 1, we began drafting letters for this big experience given to us by Mr. H (Our School Principal). We then got a short notice that our letters would be handed in very shortly! The stress we all had gave us a nervous feeling but the whole point was to build and gain confidence! And there our letters took off! Oh, what a feeling!

Oh, did I forget to introduce my buddy? Oh, his name is Brad! The rad one in the buddy system… Just receiving his amazing letters and writing back to him made me love and feel joy¬†which made me a heap more desprate to meet him! But sadly we had to wait another 3 terms filled with suspense! “The effort you give is the effort you recieve”

One afternoon Miss Jones walks in with a black envelope… “What is it?” I asked my friends puzzled with curiousity… Not shortly after a silence occured, our letters were handed out one by one each with curiousity. We traded our letters one by one reading and observing the effort that they really put in! “One of the best moments in my life.”