Properties of materials


About the properties of materials and how this affects recycling.

– Open a word document and save it in our folder under “Properties of materials”.
– Use the question subheadings in your document.
– Use the websites to research the following questions.
– When you have finished type your name and print off your work.

To help people understand how we can effectively recycle.

Plastic bottles:
1. What are the material properties of plastic bottles?
2. What steps need to be taken when recycling bottles?
3. What resources can we make from recycled bottles?
4. What is the issue with bottle caps? How can we recycle or reuse them?

Plastic bags?
1. What are the properties of plastic bags?
2. What problems do they create for the environment?
3. How can people in society solve this problem?

Aluminium cans:
1. List 3 properties of aluminium cans?
2. What are the positives of aluminium cans in society?

    Use the following websites to help with the research

•Reducing, reusing and recycling plastic bags and wraps

•Technology & Inventions

34P thoughts about Excel

34P students have been learning about Excel Spreadsheets.

Here are some of their intial thoughts:

Ibby – I learnt that you can type at the top to where you want to go.

Jerome – 34P have learnt how to use coordinates on an excel spreadsheet.

Ahmed – we had lots of fun using Excel spredsheets. You can scroll down for a long time and it is like an infinite list.

Jana – I learnt how to solve a riddle with an excel spreadsheet. We learnt a new way to use spreadsheets by using the bar at the top to write a cell number.

Zach – I learnt that you can write at the top c3 and it goes there.

Ainsley – if you are writing in a cell and there are too many words, you can double click at the top of the cell.

Danny – I learnt how to solve a problem using the coordinates from excel. Also it was a very hard puzzle to solve but the activity was still fun!

Alan – I solved a puzzle on Microsoft Excel, today! It was really fun and I used a really smart shortcut!

Sarina – I learnt that the letters and numbers on excel is an axis. I would love to learn more about excel.

Nicole – On Microsoft Spreadsheets you could make the cells more narrow. I also learnt to make it easier you can write a letter and number and it will show it to you.

Muhedesa – I learnt that we can make our cells bigger or smaller depending on the size in excel spread sheet

What do you know about Excel? What else have you discovered? Why might people need to use Excel in their jobs?

Kindergarten Photography

This term Kindergarten have been learning how to take photos and edit them using iPad camera editing features. They took photographs of different learning environments around school and created a collage using a new app called Pic Collage.
unnamed - Copy

Have a look at what they came up with:



Your reading group task for weeks 6 and 7

Write a postcard to Felix’s parents, pretending that you are Felix.

-What would you tell them?

-What would you ask them?

-Think about how YOU would feel if you were Felix.

– leave a comment/reflection in the comments section of this post, AFTER you have completed the task

Your postcard must be 3 paragraphs long.

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