Please take the time to look at the following resources to keep yourself safe when online.

Find out how Cybersafe you are with this game:
How Cyber Safe are You?

Stay safe in K-2 when working and interacting online.
Zippep’s Astro Circus

Stay safe in 3-6 when working and collaborating online.

Comic Book Capers

What does it mean to be a Digital Citizen?

The students at Guildford understand how to follow important rules when working online. We need to remember our NETSMARTZ and keep ourselves safe.


* Don’t give out personal information

* Don’t chat with someone you don’t know when online

* Choose a strong password that is significant to YOU

* If you see something scary, unkind or inappropriate, STOP, GO and TELL an adult you can trust!

Years 4-6: Here is a great video to help keep yourself safe while on the internet.


If you need help choosing a good, secure password check out these videos for some ideas.

How to choose a strong password:


What new skills have you developed this week?

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