Faria’s Literacy Buddy Experience

5J had the opportunity to write letters to some big buddies from company called “Cuscal”. We were to write letters to each other. My buddies name was Natasha, she was a kind and a wonderful buddy. We wrote letters to each other 2 to 3 times a term and we improved our writting skills significantly. We didn’t type our letters because it helps us improve our handwriting and it makes us think more creatively. I was really lucky because my buddy let her childeren write letters to me and their letters were fantastic. Finally on Thursday the 27th of October, 5J went to meet our buddies face to face. When we got there, I got to talk to my buddy and we had a tour around the offices. My buddy Natasha gave me a present and I gave her mine, then we took a group photo. Unforntenly after the photo we had to go back to school.That was my amazing experience with the my buddy and I hope it wont be the end.

Prepositions and Phrases


WALT: use prepositional phrases to add more detail to sentences

TIB: Good writers use details and descriptive words to enhance their writing.

  1. Play the game
  2. Write a simple sentence
  3. Bump up your writing by using prepositional phrases to say WHERE, HOW and WHEN

Little Buddies meet Big Buddies

Literacy Buddies



Term 1, Miss Jones walked out of the staff room with a black folder, we had no idea what it was. She opened the folder and there were letters for my class. I felt so excited to see what mine said. I read mine and my peers letters. My buddy’s name was Rebecca. We had such a good time writing letters, asking questions and sending drawings. Unfortunately, my buddy Rebecca had to leave to go to Italy, but luckily I received a new buddy and her name was Bianca. Bianca and I have been writing letters to each other throughout the term. Yesterday we went to the city to meet our buddies and have a mini party. They showed us around our workplace. Walking up and down those stairs was like climbing up Mount Everest, in fact it is as big as Mount Everest. Bianca and I were talking and giving each other our presents. She gave me binoculars, a pen that is a USB, Diary, The Jungle Book story, Rubik’s cube, post it notes and a cookie. I gave Bianca a Disneyland soap pack and she complimented me ‘It makes me feel like I’m in Disneyland’ she said. That made me feel good. My favourite part of yesterday was when I met my buddy and had a mini party. The way I felt yesterday was excited and sad. I was sad because I had to leave my buddy.

By Alexandra

Dear Diary,

Yesterday  on the 27/10/16  my class 5J  had a trip  to a company called Cuscal, a place that makes ATM’s.My buddy  Jennifer who pays the people who work in the company came along and we had free lunch while others in the the school had to work and pay for the bake sale. We  went into this room where they test the ATM’S  to see if they work properly. If they don’t work you  wouldn’t want your card to be  stuck in the bank. My favourite part of the trip was when we sang happy birthday to the boss ‘Shaun the sheep’ . It was so fun! When our tour was over we went back to the party room where everyone was there before us. So we had lunch and took a group photo with our buddy. We had to  go back to school but we had time for one more thing. Can you guess what it is??? OPENING PRESENTS!!!!.  

When we headed off to our bus they gave us  a show bag. Inside the show bag there were many good, useful things for example, binoculars, a notebook, post-it notes, a USB pen and I also got a book called ‘The Book Of Horses and Unicorns’ and a 3D bookmark.

By Yalda


cuscal-company-logo  literacy-buddies-logofarias-buddyThis Is Faria’s Buddy: Natasha


bianca-ally-busddyThis Is Alexandra’s Buddy: Bianca

zac-buddy  This Is Zac A’s Buddy: Andrew

maddys-buddy This Is Madison’s Buddy: Elizabeth