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Prepositions and Phrases


WALT: use prepositional phrases to add more detail to sentences

TIB: Good writers use details and descriptive words to enhance their writing.

  1. Play the game
  2. Write a simple sentence
  3. Bump up your writing by using prepositional phrases to say WHERE, HOW and WHEN

Little Buddies meet Big Buddies

Literacy Buddies



Term 1, Miss Jones walked out of the staff room with a black folder, we had no idea what it was. She opened the folder and there were letters for my class. I felt so excited to see what mine said. I read mine and my peers letters. My buddy’s name was Rebecca. We had such a good time writing letters, asking questions and sending drawings. Unfortunately, my buddy Rebecca had to leave to go to Italy, but luckily I received a new buddy and her name was Bianca. Bianca and I have been writing letters to each other throughout the term. Yesterday we went to the city to meet our buddies and have a mini party. They showed us around our workplace. Walking up and down those stairs was like climbing up Mount Everest, in fact it is as big as Mount Everest. Bianca and I were talking and giving each other our presents. She gave me binoculars, a pen that is a USB, Diary, The Jungle Book story, Rubik’s cube, post it notes and a cookie. I gave Bianca a Disneyland soap pack and she complimented me ‘It makes me feel like I’m in Disneyland’ she said. That made me feel good. My favourite part of yesterday was when I met my buddy and had a mini party. The way I felt yesterday was excited and sad. I was sad because I had to leave my buddy.

By Alexandra

Dear Diary,

Yesterday  on the 27/10/16  my class 5J  had a trip  to a company called Cuscal, a place that makes ATM’s.My buddy  Jennifer who pays the people who work in the company came along and we had free lunch while others in the the school had to work and pay for the bake sale. We  went into this room where they test the ATM’S  to see if they work properly. If they don’t work you  wouldn’t want your card to be  stuck in the bank. My favourite part of the trip was when we sang happy birthday to the boss ‘Shaun the sheep’ . It was so fun! When our tour was over we went back to the party room where everyone was there before us. So we had lunch and took a group photo with our buddy. We had to  go back to school but we had time for one more thing. Can you guess what it is??? OPENING PRESENTS!!!!.  

When we headed off to our bus they gave us  a show bag. Inside the show bag there were many good, useful things for example, binoculars, a notebook, post-it notes, a USB pen and I also got a book called ‘The Book Of Horses and Unicorns’ and a 3D bookmark.

By Yalda


cuscal-company-logo  literacy-buddies-logofarias-buddyThis Is Faria’s Buddy: Natasha


bianca-ally-busddyThis Is Alexandra’s Buddy: Bianca

zac-buddy  This Is Zac A’s Buddy: Andrew

maddys-buddy This Is Madison’s Buddy: Elizabeth


PBL Update 6

5J and 5T have been working extremely hard to finish their amazing magazines and YouTube channels, to prepare and present their final projects in week 3. We have been using amazing tools to create our project, we started off using popplet to jot down our ideas about our magazines, then we moved onto MadMagz to create it whilst the Drone group have been using iMovie and have been so close to uploading their video on YouTube. Today we will be planning our presentations where we use screenshots and include them in our planning slides. #WorkingHard #Magazines #MadMagz #iMovie #LastWeekUntilPresentaion


PBL Update 5

During this session of PBL we have worked  to complete our magazines. In the coming week we will be presenting them. Most groups have completed and are ready to present. All groups have worked really hard in the past weeks and are excited to show others their final product.




img_0172 img_0171 img_0170 img_0166 img_0164


Writing Prompts

WALT – think about word choices when we write.

TIB – Good Writers choose words carefully to engage the reader.


Look at this picture.

What is happening?

Imagine you were there. What would you be thinking? feeling? hearing? smelling? doing?

Write a short story using this image as the setting for your story.

Try to use interesting words, punctuation and sentences carefully.


Y5 PBL Update 3

This week 5T and 5J worked on their PBL projects and they started off the session really well.

The group who are working on a YouTube channel have finished their first video and now need to start editing using iMovie and Panzoid.

All students have a group timeline to record what they are going to do each lesson. When they have completed something they get to tick it off.

We introduced a new timeline this week which is used for tracking where each group is in relation to how many articles they have finished.

20160824_102401 20160824_102419 20160824_102459 20160907_105547

Dream Machine Similes


WALT: compare and describe using similes

TIB: Good writers use a range of language features to make their writing interesting and engage the reader.


  • access the Dream Machine LInk
  • Create a dream machine
  • Use at least 3 similes to describe it.
  • Record the similes you use in your books.


Ride Ricardo Ride

WALT: retell and summarise a familiar story

TIB: Good readers can retell stories in a few sentences.

Comprehension Skills


What will this book be about?

What evidence do you have to support your thoughts?


Pair discussion:

Where is the story set?

Who are the characters? How are they feeling?

What changes in the story?

What inspired the author to write this story?

WILF: Choose one!




Y5 PBL Update 2

During PBL we have received a folder and a timeline that helps us allocate our jobs so we can easily get started.Our groups are starting to finish up their Magazine.In week 8 we are going to present our magazines.

MadMagz is an online website where you can create your own magazine.It has everything you need to create a Magazine.We also all have an account on MadMagz so that we can change and save our work as we go.

Written by Shaekiba’s group

Choosing a Good-Fit book


WALT: select quality texts

TIB: Selecting a good book to read is as difficult as deciding what to have for dinner each night. You need to take your time and choose the best fit book for your interest and reading level. Otherwise you may not enjoy it (just like your dinner).

When you read you want to be:

  • interested in the topic and engaged in the themes that the author portrays through various characters and/or actions
  • understanding most of the words, themes and ideas that are introduced in the book.

How do you normally choose a book?

Sometimes it can be hard and we may have to take time to review and select an appropriate text. It is OK if you start reading and then decide that you don’t enjoy the text at the end.

This website may help to find the most recent accounts and books released. Book Reviews for kids


  • look at 3+ different texts
  • Say what you think about them to a partner
  • Give one reason why you would like to read a text
  • Give one reason why you would like not like to read a text

Georges Marvellous Medicine

WALT: write a book review

TIB: Good readers like to promote the joy of reading specific books to others.


What do you remember?
What part did you enjoy?
What did you like about the author’s writing?
Would you recommend this book to a friend? Who?

Quick Quiz


  • Use scaffold
  • Complete all sections
  • begin to write your review.
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Year 5 have are working on a Project Based Learning activity to help improve communication with peers, parents and the wider community.

First we had to plan what we were going to do. People worked in teams and the came up with different ideas to communicate. Some of the ideas were: using drones, technology glasses, school magazines and Youtube  and School TV channels.

We collaborated with all the ideas and put it to the vote for the best, most realistic ideas.

The most popular ideas were to create a School Magazine and include a Youtube channel.


Experiment News Reports!


Does it float or sink?

From your experiment earlier this week you have demonstrated why some things sink and some things float. You know this is because of the density.

WALT: report the results of an experiment

TIB: Good scientists can report clearly and accurately about an experiment they conduct


You are going to use an app called TELESTORY to report your results….just like a real news reporter.



Pallavi’s Reconciliation Week Writing Challenge.

Never Was, Always Will Be

It’s finally the big day. I am the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person to get to vote in the ballot. I’m so happy that my family, friends and I get to have a say after such a long time. There has been such a big change in our society now everyone is diverse because of our ever-changing government. This is closing the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people.

My family and I are so happy we are trying to calm down before we leave to vote. My brother Tom shouts out, “Hip Hip Horayyy!” Mum gets everyone into the car to go to Parliament. I get to do the honours for my Indigenous people. Our votes will count this time.

We have finally reached Parliament. Mum gets me set up and fixes my tie. Oh no! Max is here with a slushy. I’ll tell you why it’s a bad thing. One day I was playing peacefully and Max, my classmate, comes along with a slushy and purposely spills it all over me.

See why I am afraid of him. Max is a BIG, TERRIFING, MEAN BULLY. All he does all day is ruin peoples effort and time. Why… Why … Why is this happening to me right now? Max is jealous I can tell from his scrunched up face. He comes up to me looking pretty angry with that purple, red slushy. ‘SPLAT ’. That slushy is all over my no longer white shirt. I tell mum we need to get home right away and meanwhile I told dad to hold off the election.

I jump into the car, and tell mum to drive full speed ahead! Did mum listen to me? NO! Why? It’s because she always has to drive the perfect speed on the road. We finally reach home and I quickly rush off to change my shirt. Meanwhile there was a call from the Press Adviser of the Prime Minster asking where I am. WH … WH… WHAT A PHONE CALL FROM THE PRESS ADVISOR ASKING WHERE I AM. It’s nobody else the prime minister is looking for it’s me she’s looking for. OH DARN! I’M IN TROUBLE!

I quickly take my shirt off so mum can wash it right away. I check my wardrobe to find a white shirt. I’m lucky I found one of my white sophisticated shirts. In a flash of a light we are back in the car all ready to go back to Parliament. Again, I told mum to go full speed ahead, did she listen? Yesss! Finally mum will rush to get our vote. I’m just sitting down and enjoying the ride.

I get there and there’s a red carpet so I can walk up to vote. Before I can have my vote the Prime Minister Pallavi Kamoda gives a few words. I get introduced. It’s time. I take my vote. This is just the beginning of a new chapter.