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Ainsley’s Voki

All about Bears by Samira


Bears are dangerous omnivores. They eat other animaals such as flesh of animlas fruits and vegetables. Bears can almost eat anything. During the winter season bears give birth to young rather than laying eggs.

There are many types of bears such as the polar bears, grizzlybears and pandas. Australian koalas are not actually bears, they are known as (pouched animals).

Bears are strong heavy creatures with thick limbs, small tails and small ears. They have a thick coat of fur that keeps them warm in the cold seasons. It has crushing back teeth known as molars. Bears have poor eyesight and hearing that can be used for hunting. They have an excellent sense of smell that they can use for hunting.

34W Publishing choices

Where are you on the writing cycle?

When you get to the publishing stage you will be able to make 3 choices about how you want to publish your writing.

1. Word

2. Powerpoint

3. Prezi……this may be a new one for some of you.

You will find some examples of how people use Prezi on some of the older blog posts.

Today you need to make a sensible choice about which presentation tool you want to use. You will need to think about what sorts of things you want to include in your published work. Remember your presentation will need to suit your audience.

WALT:select an appropriate presentation tool

• Complete draft, edit and conference with the teacher
• Select one presentation tool
• Give a reason for your choice
• Publish work

TIB: Good writers publish their work using a variety of presentation tools to suit their audience.

Another presentation tool is the blog. When you have finished publishing you may find some of your work published here.

Learning to comment in 34A

34A have been learning about the importance of appropriate comments and messages when posting things online.

The teachers are looking forward to reading some of their clever comments that follow the blogging guidelines and help to keep our blog alive.

WALT – respond to a blog post
1. explain the steps for leaving a comment to a partner
2. respond to a blog post
3. open and save a document on the collaborative

TIB – Publishing our thoughts and ideas online means that they are there forever. We need to remember how to comment appropriately and what to do if we see something inappropriate.

Good Luck 34A

3/4K Week 8 Activity

Hi 3/4k,

Today’s lesson we will be using the “Unique Australian Animals” Website to find information.

Looking through the website you will need to find:
1. 3 animals that lay eggs
2. 3 animals that are nocturnal
3. 2 animals that dig burrows
4. What animal will thump the ground with their feet to warn other members of their group that a predator is coming, such as a dingo?
5. What animal will bury themselves in any left over mud or soil to survive drought conditions?

We are going to use Google Docs to record your information. You will need to access the portal to find this program. It is very similar to Word.

Miss Karamaneas

Trying something new in 34P

What would you try?

Everyday we learn something new while we are at school and today is no different. Let’s have a go at using a collaborative learning space called Google Classroom.

Let’s get started and learn together.

1.Find the link to your portal on the homepage.
2.Navigate to Google Apps for Education
3.Access Classroom and login using the code
4.Find the task.
5. 3 people will be asked to comment on this post. You will need to explain what you did and what you have discovered throughout the lesson.

Good Luck!!

Wednesday 19/8/2015 3/4K
TASK 1: Information reports

Today we will select and research an Australian animal.

To research and gather information on a particular Australian animal.

•Use a range of websites to gather information on your particular animal
•Find information relating to the animals: classification, diet, description, behaviours, habitat, reproduction and other interesting facts
•Summarise information

We need to develop the skills to complete our own research.

Suggested websites:

Education Week Reflection

I am sure you all had a great time celebrating your learning last week. I wonder what interests you most of all.

I enjoy learning about different languages and cultures. It makes me feel happy when I can practise my skills in this area to speak French and Spanish, in particular. It also helps me to understand where people come from and how different people interact with each other in the many countries across the world. I would like to learn more about different art techniques because I enjoy looking at amazing artworks in galleries. I also enjoy learning dance routines.

What do you like to learn about?
What makes you happy when you learn?
Why do you like learning about this?
What would you like to learn more about?
What else do you enjoy learning?

You may have more than one thing you enjoy.

I look forward to reading some of your comments.

What new skills have you developed this week?