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Your reading group task for weeks 6 and 7

Write a postcard to Felix’s parents, pretending that you are Felix.

-What would you tell them?

-What would you ask them?

-Think about how YOU would feel if you were Felix.

Рleave a comment/reflection in the comments section of this post, AFTER you have completed the task

Your postcard must be 3 paragraphs long.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting our blog!

Redbacks, FunnelWebs and Huntsmen

Welcome to your first literacy blog task. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.

We are learning to record the main ideas in a text.

* Read you text
In your reading group book
* Record the main idea (1 sentence)
* Record 4 important facts
* Post your main idea sentence in a blog comment below this post. Make sure you record the title of the text

Cicadaflies Literacy Task 1

Welcome to your first literacy group blog post.


Read the following instructions carefully.

We are learning to critically reflect on characters.

This week you will need to write 3 diary entries.
* choose one of the main characters in your story
* select 3 significant moments that have happened so far.
* write one journal entry (one paragraph), imagining that you are that character, for each moment.
* Post a one sentence reflection comment about what you have learnt under this post.

Remember to only use your first name!!

Doodle 4 Google Competition

In Term 2 some students expressed an interest in entering an art competition for Google Australia. The winner of the competition would have their design published on the Google Homepage for a short period of time.

This was an optional competition and students completed all work in their own time at home or during lunchtimes.
We had nine entries from Stage 3. All entries demonstrated a creative flair and talent to sketch and draw to suit a theme. I am extremely impressed with each and every entry. Each student took great care and time to detail their thoughts in an original artwork. Well Done to all of you!

Unfortunately, we did not have any finalists this year but I imagine the judging criteria was extremely difficult and I am pleased to notice that we did have comparable entries with the selected few. Even though we did not win a place this year I encourage you all to keep working hard and continue to enjoy expressing yourselves creatively.

Please take a moment to have a look at the artworks created by Guildford students and feel free to leave a comment.

2015-09-03 14.57.28

2015-09-03 14.57.21

2015-09-03 14.57.14

2015-09-03 14.57.09

2015-09-03 14.57.03

2015-09-03 14.56.54

2015-09-03 14.56.46

2015-09-03 14.56.39

2015-09-03 14.56.34

If you want to see the selected finalists please go to the Doodle4Google website

56C Energy Drinks with a difference

Last Semester 56C worked collaboratively to create adverts for an original drink design with a twist. Instead of being ordinary energy drinks, these drinks would give you a range of super powers. Super speed, super strength, invisibility, teleportation, telekinesis and the ability to breathe underwater are just some of the ideas students have developed. If only this were possible……
Check out some of their movies and please leave a comment about their hard work. Mr Crowther and Miss Bryceland are very impressed with all efforts.
Well Done 56C!



Learning how to code

Miss Bryceland and Miss Ali Khan have written some code for some simple games.

To play the games you need to click on the green flag and move your mouse around the screen to avoid the main character. Try to get a high score.

Have a go and then leave a comment so we know what you think.

When you are commenting consider the following:

What did you like about the game?
What worked well?
What needs improving?
How would you make it even better?

Stage 3 Parliament of Wizards

Stage 3 students have been learning about the levels of government in Australia’s democracy and the role of the parliament in creating laws. Students have also been learning about what it means to be an Australian citizen and how people can participate as global citizens.

To make this learning fun and engaging, we, the Stage 3 teachers set a group task for students where they had to create a wizard world, complete with its own parliament!! In this world, the students became wizards and faced the challenge of representing and making decisions on behalf of their wizard citizens. Students had to come up with a ‘wizardish’ name for their Wizard World like Ziombondi, Flowermania and much more!

Here are some fantastic ‘Wizard Worlds’ created by our creative Stage 3 wizards:


5/6 N Research Task!

5/6N are learning about extreme weather conditions and natural events around the world! They now have a research task to do in a group. These are the questions that Mrs Tanak is looking for:
1. What is the natural event/ extreme weather condition?
2. How does it form? How does it occur?
3. Where does it mainly occur?
4. Ways to minimise the effect of this natural disaster/ weather conditions.
5. Some really interesting facts!

5/6N students are to research and present their information report on a poster that is clear, creative, interesting, visually intriguing and has reliable and valid information.

We are looking forward to posting our posters here very soon!

Using Prezi in 5/6 T

We have discovered a new tool called “Prezi”. Jessica and I have used this tool to present our “Saturn Adventure” when we were researching the key features of the Solar System and how long it takes for each planet to orbit the Sun.

Here is the link to our Prezi:

5/6T learning about Planets

5/6T have been learning some amazing facts about planets. We are learning about how much time it takes for planets to orbit around the sun and how some planet’s atmosphere could be hostile to human life. This extremely exciting task has improved our vocabulary about the solar system.

Is the world really round?

People in history presumed the world was flat like the maps we see in books.


Why do you think they thought this?

Today you are going to find out some theories about this.

WALT: find out about historical perspectives

– access google docs / MS Word
– open PowerPoint
– identify 3 scientists from the past who had theories about the shape of the world
– explain briefly what their thoughts were
– record 3 perspectives

TIB: History shapes the world we live in today. We are always learning from it.