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Experiment News Reports!


Does it float or sink?

From your experiment earlier this week you have demonstrated why some things sink and some things float. You know this is because of the density.

WALT: report the results of an experiment

TIB: Good scientists can report clearly and accurately about an experiment they conduct


You are going to use an app called TELESTORY to report your results….just like a real news reporter.



What is the key message?

Stage 2 RFF groups are working on discovering the key message from a text.

What is the message from this story?

WALT: infer hidden messages (Connecting, Predicting, Monitoring)

TIB: Good Readers can use a range of strategies to help them to understand all possible meanings of events in a text.

  • Read the text with a partner: The lion and the Mouse

lion and mouse

  • Identify at least 3 important parts to the text and explain how you know
  1.  specific vocabulary
  2. stage directions
  3. tone of voice/attitude


digital sandpit 1

If you are reading this then WE KNOW you are here for the right reasons!!

You are ready to start thinking about designing your own websites!

It is time to have some fun and experience:

Digital Sandpit Time

This is time for you to explore and create without the teacher telling you exactly what to do. You will need to explore and be creative. There are endless possibilities. How many things can you discover about this website? How many things will you be able to share with someone else at the end of the lesson?

Clues: click and drag…..see what happens….

WALT: We are learning to explore a new web tool

TIB: This is because it is important to spend time understanding how things work before we try to use it


  • sign up to Weebly
  • explore the website
  • find at least 4 things you will use on your website
  • share something you have learned with a partner


Maths Mania

Have you had a chance to use Maths Mania yet?

Maths Mania

This is our new website subscription for all students K-6.

Follow this link to the website, login and check out the tasks your teacher has set for you.

Please leave a comment here to share your thoughts about this website.

What do you like about it?

How do the activities help you to learn?

What would you change?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.




2K and 2N connecting across the globe

Next term 2K and 2N will be connecting with students from a school in England.


Let’s find out a bit about our buddy school :

[wmd-buttons style=”gradient” button_color=”#e01645″ font_color=”#ffffff” size=”2″ border_radius=”15″ position=”center” target=”_blank” ls-id=”57024e308d2a5″][wmd-buttons-button label=”Wellington Primary School” link=””/][/wmd-buttons]

Where is our buddy school?


How could we introduce ourselves to our buddy class?

What should we tell them about ourselves? our school?

What questions do we want to ask them?


Bebras Challenge

Want a new challenge?

Capture Capture1

Do you enjoy solving puzzles and working collaboratively to find solutions? Do you read instructions carefully?

Why not try out this website for some computational thinking.

[wmd-buttons style=”gradient” button_color=”#e03116″ font_color=”#ffffff” size=”2″ border_radius=”4″ position=”center” target=”_blank” ls-id=”56fa3e675f68c”][wmd-buttons-button label=”BEBRAS” link=””/][/wmd-buttons]

For the free challenges you will need to click the Bebras365 tab and scroll down to the relevant year group. You might even want to challenge yourself.

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think and what you recommend for others.

Reciprocal Reading in 5T

WALT: Understand and explain the importance of reciprocal reading groups and share it with a wider audience via blogs.

TIB: Reciprocal reading helps us learn to guide group discussions using four comprehension strategies (summarising, questioning, clarifying, and predicting). This encourages us to think about our own thought process during reading and helps us to be actively involved and monitor our comprehension skills as we read.


  • Why is reciprocal reading important?
  • Are the interconnectors useful in helping to understand the text deeper? Why/ why not?
  • Summarise the comprehension strategies we use when reading.




In pairs, choose a webtool to SHOW your understanding of reciprocal reading and its importance. (popplet, prezi, padlet, bubblus, voki, microsoft word, google slide). Record at least 8 things about reciprocal reading.

You may use titles, images, sub- headings etc to demonstrate your understanding.

Save your presentation and add 1 thing about reciprocal reading to the shared Padlet



Stage 2 Understand about Blogs

Today your job is to explain what you know about blogging and being safe on the internet using a different webtool.

WALT: understand the importance of being safe online

You can find the webtools on the sidebar.

TIB – The internet can be an unsafe place. We need to know how to be sensible and use it safely.


  • navigate the blog
  • read blogging guidelines on at least 2 different blogs
  • select a webtool and explore it
  • create a presentation which explains  Blogging Guidelines to others.

Completed products will be published on the blog!




What do we do when we read?

Welcome to your first Basic Skills lesson!

WALT: use and explain different comprehension strategies

TIB: Good readers use a range of comprehension and reading strategies in order to comprehend different texts. Our brain works automatically to use multiple strategies at once. This helps us to have a deep understanding of texts we read.

– What do you do when you read?

– What is your brain thinking about while you read?

– What are some of the strategies called?

Let’s find out if you are right……..


* Watch video

* Choose a tool to present your information (Word, prezi, popplet, bubblus, padlet)

* Record at least 6 things you know about comprehension strategies

* Include headings, sentences and examples.


* Contribute to my shared padlet listing one thing you know about reading comprehension strategies. Make sure you record your name on the wall.

34A online safety tips

Welcome to the blog 34A!
Today you will be learning how to:

Use popplet to create a set of safe blogging rules

popplet title


Comment on a blog post


* open new popplet
* at least 3 blogging guidelines about being safe online
* saved popplet in shared folder called “popplets”
* published comment on the blog

TIB: Everything we do online is there forever. It is great to be able to publish our work and ideas online but we must always remember how to be safe when using different websites.

Watch this space for some completed popplets by 34A.

56L write Quality Blog posts about Canberra

56L have been learning how to write quality blog posts. Here are some of their thoughts from their time on Camp, or at school if they didn’t attend the camp.

3 days at school joyce abdul owns Questacon Adventures of a cardboard box by scorpian 5-6L ahmad.aljebori Asahak AYDINS THREE DAYS HOME Canberra (Disaster) Salman Ahmad CANBERRA by MALAK Canberra Camp ceren Canberra Camp nadine Canberra stage 3 camp Ristoph1 christina epic pro Ali seena Fatima Algatrani fatima e heame Isra 3 days at school leo lina Luke G.O.A.T Greatest Of All Time At Camp MOHAMED. mohammad My trip to Canberra mustafa mya shauna shayal vargha at camberra zaynab

Stage 3 Canberra Trip

What an amazing 3 days…..I wonder if some of these images bring back memories.

What else do you remember?
What was your favourite part?
If you didn’t go what did you learn back at school?

What stuck with me?
The history and memories shared at the Australian War Memorial. With amazing dioramas and artefacts which tell the untold stories. Walking into the tomb of the unknown soldier resonated with me in particular.

Seeing the smiles on children’s faces as they play and learn about snow for the first time.

I look forward to seeing your entertaining and informative blog posts!

34P What has stuck with you this term?

Go to Bubblus and create a picture that describes what you have learnt this term.
Try to include as many things as possible that have stuck with you. Think about all subjects and places you learn new things at school. Don’t forget to save your bubble map using the snipping tool on the shared drive. Miss Ali Khan will choose 5 people to write their ideas in a comment.

Stage 2 and 3 Welcome challenge.

Welcome to your first blogging challenge For 2015.

This is our ICT Discoveries blog where we will share all of our technology learning skills, tips and tricks.

Blogging is used all around the world for different purposes. Watch the video link about blogs in the Learning Posts page and then post a comment that gives at least 3 VIPs to demonstrate what you have learnt about blogs.

Remember to think carefully about your comment and ensure you follow the guidelines.

Happy blogging!

Miss Bryceland