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5T Research task!

As part of the HSIE unit, 5T have been learning about the Australian history.
In pairs, students have been using their library time effectively to research early Australian explorers by using their questioning skills to find information (5W 1H questions).

Task! Comment on the box below by typing in ONE interesting question you are using to find information about your famous early Australian explorer/s AND what Web tool you will use to present your research to the class.

Happy researching 5T!

Stage 3 Parliament of Wizards

Stage 3 students have been learning about the levels of government in Australia’s democracy and the role of the parliament in creating laws. Students have also been learning about what it means to be an Australian citizen and how people can participate as global citizens.

To make this learning fun and engaging, we, the Stage 3 teachers set a group task for students where they had to create a wizard world, complete with its own parliament!! In this world, the students became wizards and faced the challenge of representing and making decisions on behalf of their wizard citizens. Students had to come up with a ‘wizardish’ name for their Wizard World like Ziombondi, Flowermania and much more!

Here are some fantastic ‘Wizard Worlds’ created by our creative Stage 3 wizards:


5/6 N Research Task!

5/6N are learning about extreme weather conditions and natural events around the world! They now have a research task to do in a group. These are the questions that Mrs Tanak is looking for:
1. What is the natural event/ extreme weather condition?
2. How does it form? How does it occur?
3. Where does it mainly occur?
4. Ways to minimise the effect of this natural disaster/ weather conditions.
5. Some really interesting facts!

5/6N students are to research and present their information report on a poster that is clear, creative, interesting, visually intriguing and has reliable and valid information.

We are looking forward to posting our posters here very soon!


Hi everyone!

5/6N are using their research skills to construct an information report on one of the unique planets in our solar system. Mrs Tanak wants to know what planet we are researching, how long the planet takes to orbit the Sun, and some really interesting facts about the planet!
Mrs Tanak also wants her students to present their research CREATIVELY using one of the Webtools. E.g. Prezi, Voki, Popplet etc.

5/6N are looking forward to displaying FANTASTIC work here very soon!