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Transport PowerPoint

Hi 2K,


Today we will be researching a type of transport and making a PowerPoint to present the information.


  • Slide 1: Title page with a heading and picture of your transport.
  • Slide 2: Classification.
  • Slide 3: Description.
  • Slide 4: Use.
  • Slide 5: Conclusion.

You might like to use different fonts, backgrounds and pictures to make your presentation look good!

Don’t forget to use your BUMP IT UP checklist!

Save your presentation in our classroom folder.


We want to inform others about what we’re learning.

Look forwarding to seeing them!

Miss Karamaneas 🙂

Our buddies from Wellington Primary School, England


2K has been emailing 3HLO, from Wellington Primary School, England this term. 3HLO is a multicultural class of 16 boys and 13 girls, who live in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

Each of us has our own buddy who we email each week. We have been sharing information about our school, friends and family. Also, we share interesting things we do each week and teach each other new things. This week our buddies taught us how to CC friends into an email and we taught them how to attach photos. On display in our classroom, we have our buddies’ photos along with a description for all our visitors to see.

We love hearing from them each week! We hope to one day meet them face to face 

2K =)

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Properties of materials


About the properties of materials and how this affects recycling.

– Open a word document and save it in our folder under “Properties of materials”.
– Use the question subheadings in your document.
– Use the websites to research the following questions.
– When you have finished type your name and print off your work.

To help people understand how we can effectively recycle.

Plastic bottles:
1. What are the material properties of plastic bottles?
2. What steps need to be taken when recycling bottles?
3. What resources can we make from recycled bottles?
4. What is the issue with bottle caps? How can we recycle or reuse them?

Plastic bags?
1. What are the properties of plastic bags?
2. What problems do they create for the environment?
3. How can people in society solve this problem?

Aluminium cans:
1. List 3 properties of aluminium cans?
2. What are the positives of aluminium cans in society?

    Use the following websites to help with the research

•Reducing, reusing and recycling plastic bags and wraps

•Technology & Inventions

Using voki

Wednesday 21/10/2015

Create a voki to read out our acrostic poems.

– Access the website
– Personalise the look and voice of your voki
– Type in your acrostic poem about recycling
– Save your voki in the class folder

We can use voki to present our poem for PBL.

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Natural and Processed Materials

Lesson Intention (WALT)
Identify the properties of natural and processed materials and how this relates to recycling.

Success Criteria (WILF)
•Define the terms ‘natural’ materials and ‘processed’ materials
•Research types of natural materials
•Research types of processed materials

1.Open a word document and create a relevant heading.
2.You need to answer the above questions.
3.Find, copy and paste pictures into your document.
4.Print your work

Miss Karamaneas 🙂

3/4K Lesson 3/9/2015


Today we will gather information on a particular country.


•Select a country and use the internet to research the country.
•Complete the ‘Country fact sheet’ which requires you to find the countries:

-Capital city
-Population (how many people are in the country?)
-Terrain (type of land features)
-Climate (what is the weather like?)
-Types of Government
-Natural resources (what natural things can we get from this country?)
-Bordering countries
-Popular holidays and traditions
-Famous people
-Popular foods
-Famous landmarks (places)
-Draw the countries map
-Draw the countries flag

You can use the following websites to find your information:


We will be sharing the facts with our classmates!

I look forward to learning about all your selected countries!
Miss Karamaneas 🙂

3/4K Week 8 Activity

Hi 3/4k,

Today’s lesson we will be using the “Unique Australian Animals” Website to find information.

Looking through the website you will need to find:
1. 3 animals that lay eggs
2. 3 animals that are nocturnal
3. 2 animals that dig burrows
4. What animal will thump the ground with their feet to warn other members of their group that a predator is coming, such as a dingo?
5. What animal will bury themselves in any left over mud or soil to survive drought conditions?

We are going to use Google Docs to record your information. You will need to access the portal to find this program. It is very similar to Word.

Miss Karamaneas

Wednesday 19/8/2015 3/4K
TASK 1: Information reports

Today we will select and research an Australian animal.

To research and gather information on a particular Australian animal.

•Use a range of websites to gather information on your particular animal
•Find information relating to the animals: classification, diet, description, behaviours, habitat, reproduction and other interesting facts
•Summarise information

We need to develop the skills to complete our own research.

Suggested websites: