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Stage 3 RFF – Book Week Task 1

WALT: To revise the structure and language features used in persuasive texts.

Book Week Text: And the Band played Waltzing Matilda


QUESTION: What is a discussion??

question mark



Discussion image

TASK: ‘Should the ANZAC veterans march or not?’

Write a letter to the Prime Minister persuading the reasons as to why the Australian soldiers should or should not march.

Complete the task in your workbooks before publishing (if time)


  • Written Discussion structure and language features
  • A persuasive and reasonable argument
  • Written work must be edited


Stage 2 RFF Groups – And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

WALT: Make connections to a text by using research skills.

TIB: Using research skills we can begin to understand part of our Australian history and this will help us understand the text more deeply.




What are some connections you are finding while we are reading this story? Remember ask yourselves:
Text-to-self – What does this text remind me of from my own life?
Text-to-text – What other text does this story remind me of?
Text-to-world – What events in the world does this text remind me of?



In pairs research Slouch hats and the Australian Army on the

Australian War Memorial Website.

  1. What is it made from?
  2. Why was this style selected?
  3. Describe the crown and the brim. Which side is or was it turned up and why?
  4. What else was attached to it? Describe the embellishments.
  5. Complete a timeline of five significate moments in the slouch hat’s history based on the information you find.

We will share your findings with the class at the end of the lesson.

Research task is to be handed up at the end of the lesson.


  • Working together in pairs

  • Completed research task

  • A prediction about the text

  • At least one connection about the text


Record at least 3 facts about WWI Uniforms from this website:



Create an artwork using crayons/pastels that reflects your understanding of this book.