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34P Challenge

Can you use your safe internet skills to complete today’s challenge?
Miss Ali Khan tells me that you are learning about the difference between narrative writing and persuasive writing.
These are 2 reasons people write. We call them text purposes.
All good writers organise their ideas before writing them down. These days we can use webtools to help us do this. Check out my popplet about text purposes.

Organising ideas in popplet
Organising ideas in popplet

Popplet is another webtool like bubblus – Find the link on the blog sidebar.

Look at how I have organised my ideas……however, it is not finished. This is where you come in.

WALT – effectively use webtools to organise ideas

• access blog
• access webtool
• subject bubble
• 2 purpose bubbles
• include at least 3 vocabulary or grammatical features
• include at least 1 point about the structure of the text
• include at least 2 points that support the purpose
• save ideas

TIB: Good Writers organise their thoughts effectively using technology to support them.

I look forward to seeing your ideas organised!

Good Luck!

34P What has stuck with you this term?

Go to Bubblus and create a picture that describes what you have learnt this term.
Try to include as many things as possible that have stuck with you. Think about all subjects and places you learn new things at school. Don’t forget to save your bubble map using the snipping tool on the shared drive. Miss Ali Khan will choose 5 people to write their ideas in a comment.

Stage 2 and 3 Welcome challenge.

Welcome to your first blogging challenge For 2015.

This is our ICT Discoveries blog where we will share all of our technology learning skills, tips and tricks.

Blogging is used all around the world for different purposes. Watch the video link about blogs in the Learning Posts page and then post a comment that gives at least 3 VIPs to demonstrate what you have learnt about blogs.

Remember to think carefully about your comment and ensure you follow the guidelines.

Happy blogging!

Miss Bryceland