Choosing a Good-Fit book


WALT: select quality texts

TIB: Selecting a good book to read is as difficult as deciding what to have for dinner each night. You need to take your time and choose the best fit book for your interest and reading level. Otherwise you may not enjoy it (just like your dinner).

When you read you want to be:

  • interested in the topic and engaged in the themes that the author portrays through various characters and/or actions
  • understanding most of the words, themes and ideas that are introduced in the book.

How do you normally choose a book?

Sometimes it can be hard and we may have to take time to review and select an appropriate text. It is OK if you start reading and then decide that you don’t enjoy the text at the end.

This website may help to find the most recent accounts and books released. Book Reviews for kids


  • look at 3+ different texts
  • Say what you think about them to a partner
  • Give one reason why you would like to read a text
  • Give one reason why you would like not like to read a text