Our buddies from Wellington Primary School, England


2K has been emailing 3HLO, from Wellington Primary School, England this term. 3HLO is a multicultural class of 16 boys and 13 girls, who live in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

Each of us has our own buddy who we email each week. We have been sharing information about our school, friends and family. Also, we share interesting things we do each week and teach each other new things. This week our buddies taught us how to CC friends into an email and we taught them how to attach photos. On display in our classroom, we have our buddies’ photos along with a description for all our visitors to see.

We love hearing from them each week! We hope to one day meet them face to face 

2K =)

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3 thoughts on “Our buddies from Wellington Primary School, England”

  1. It is great to hear all the wonderful things you have been learning about from your international buddy school 2K. I used to live and work in schools in the same area as your buddy school so I am sure you are learning lots of the differences. What is the most interesting thing you have discovered? What is the same? What is different?

    1. WOW! It is so cool that you had a chance to work there.

      As a class we have come up with a list of interesting things that we have discovered from our buddies and broken them up into the categories ‘similarities’ and ‘differences’.

      – Wellington Primary School has a big school and similar areas to our school, including big grass areas and a canteen
      – 3HLO have similar backgrounds such as being Muslim and Catholic
      – Students in 3HLO have similar physical features to us
      – They’ve similar hobbies including shopping, knitting and reading
      – We both love to keep active and play sports like cricket, soccer, football and dancing

      – Its snows in their winter
      – They’ve different holidays
      – 3HL0 has different displays and structures in their classroom
      – They wear different uniforms that are blue and white
      – 3HLO has different rules and routines
      – Their country has different time zones, so they’re asleep when we’re awake and they’re in winter when we’re in summer
      – They play some different games that we have never heard of like ‘scare crow tig’

      We will keep you posted on more interesting things that we learn from our buddies!
      2K 🙂

  2. Looks like an exciting opportunity. I hope you are enjoying speaking to students from across the world. 5J are looking forward to updates on new things that you have discovered.

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