Padlet – collaborative learning tools

Today you are going to learn how to use a new collaboration tool.


WALT: access and contribute to a shared collaboration tool

TIB: Good communicators can access shared programs and contribute to group activities responsibly.


  • access shared Padlet
  • write at least one box with your ideas
  • write your name on the communication box
  • Tell someone another use for using padlet

5 thoughts on “Padlet – collaborative learning tools”

  1. Today I’ve learnt that I could share ideas with the class about what we know and what we want to learn about things that float and sink.

  2. I didn’t know that on PADLET you could see what other people are doing and that it is a collabrative site like GOOGLE DRIVE but now I do!

  3. Today I am looking forward to learn a new web tool and to see how we use it and develop it.

  4. I think that this is probably a site which you can brainstorm ideas. I would like to know what special things it can do for example how PREZI can make things move

  5. Today I am looking forward to learn a new web tool which will help us develop new knowledge on the internet.

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