34K write appropriate comments

Inappropriate or appropriate (Click!)


WALT: identify appropriate and inappropriate comments

TIB: To be global citizens we need to be able to write appropriate comments to others using online forums e.g. blogs. We need to identify when a comment may be inappropriate and follow internet safety rules to report anything we are unsure of.


  • Open the powerpoint and enable editing
  • Read the blurb and decide if it is inappropriate or appropriate (thumbs up or down)
  • Record your answers on a sticky note on the desktop
  • Read the blogging guidelines
  • Write an appropriate comment to at least one blog post.

2 thoughts on “34K write appropriate comments”

  1. Check before you click. Always remember to write appropriate words and NOT inappropriate words because if you write inappropriate words it change peoples feeling and make them sad.

  2. Always check before you click.
    It’s important to check before you click because you have to think twice. Is it appropriate. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Say good things about others.

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