digital sandpit 1

If you are reading this then WE KNOW you are here for the right reasons!!

You are ready to start thinking about designing your own websites!

It is time to have some fun and experience:

Digital Sandpit Time

This is time for you to explore and create without the teacher telling you exactly what to do. You will need to explore and be creative. There are endless possibilities. How many things can you discover about this website? How many things will you be able to share with someone else at the end of the lesson?

Clues: click and drag…..see what happens….

WALT: We are learning to explore a new web tool

TIB: This is because it is important to spend time understanding how things work before we try to use it


  • sign up to Weebly
  • explore the website
  • find at least 4 things you will use on your website
  • share something you have learned with a partner