5T Write text reviews


WALT: question and reflect on a specific text

TIB: good readers think critically about what they read and recommend texts to others


  • Watch video (wear headphones)
  • Answer all the questions in literacy books using full sentences
  • Read your answers to a group member
  • Listen to someone else’s review

Review questions

Where is the story set?

How can you tell the story is set here?

What is the best part of the story?

What do or don’t you like about the story?

How have you changed since reading the story?

What does the story make you want to do?

One thought on “5T Write text reviews”

  1. If you have trouble viewing the video. Go to the La Luna – Pixar website and read the short synopsis and behind the scenes information.

    Afterwards, answer these questions in your books.

    What do you predict will happen at the end of the film?
    What can you tell about the characters already?

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