2K and 2N connecting across the globe

Next term 2K and 2N will be connecting with students from a school in England.


Let’s find out a bit about our buddy school :

Where is our buddy school?


How could we introduce ourselves to our buddy class?

What should we tell them about ourselves? our school?

What questions do we want to ask them?


3 thoughts on “2K and 2N connecting across the globe”

  1. We are also looking forward to forming some good connections and learning more from our international friends. I can’t wait to hear what all the classes get up to.

    1. 3HLO at Wellington Primary School, Bradford, England loved receiving photographs of some of the children. It’s lovely to put a face to the name. Last week we have told our new friends all about our families and will be taking photographs this week to send across.

  2. The children at Wellington Primary School are very excited to make new friends across the globe. They loved seeing the photographs of your school and have sent some photographs of our school in return.
    3HLO and 3I are considering lots of questions they would like to find out about their link class.
    Exciting times ahead making new friends across the globe.

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