Reciprocal Reading in 5T

WALT: Understand and explain the importance of reciprocal reading groups and share it with a wider audience via blogs.

TIB: Reciprocal reading helps us learn to guide group discussions using four comprehension strategies (summarising, questioning, clarifying, and predicting). This encourages us to think about our own thought process during reading and helps us to be actively involved and monitor our comprehension skills as we read.


  • Why is reciprocal reading important?
  • Are the interconnectors useful in helping to understand the text deeper? Why/ why not?
  • Summarise the comprehension strategies we use when reading.




In pairs, choose a webtool to SHOW your understanding of reciprocal reading and its importance. (popplet, prezi, padlet, bubblus, voki, microsoft word, google slide). Record at least 8 things about reciprocal reading.

You may use titles, images, sub- headings etc to demonstrate your understanding.

Save your presentation and add 1 thing about reciprocal reading to the shared Padlet