5T Research task!

As part of the HSIE unit, 5T have been learning about the Australian history.
In pairs, students have been using their library time effectively to research early Australian explorers by using their questioning skills to find information (5W 1H questions).

Task! Comment on the box below by typing in ONE interesting question you are using to find information about your famous early Australian explorer/s AND what Web tool you will use to present your research to the class.

Happy researching 5T!

9 thoughts on “5T Research task!”

  1. Hi I am a 6/5 stage 3 teacher. Am about to start a blog for my class. Looks really interesting what you are doing. Good job.

  2. Where was Thomas Mitchell born? He was born Craigend Glasgow United Kingdom.

  3. What job did John McKinley get before becoming a famous explorer? We will be using Power point .

  4. Where was Charles Sturt born?
    We are using Microsoft Word to present our research.

  5. What was Joh Oxley’s children’s name? We will be using Power Point to present our research to the class.

  6. when was Hamilton Hume and William Hovell born ?

    William Hovell was born in 26th of april 1979.
    Hamilton Hume of 5th of june 1786.

  7. When was Wentworth, Blaxland and Lawson born? I will be using Prezi to present my research to the class.

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