What do we do when we read?

Welcome to your first Basic Skills lesson!

WALT: use and explain different comprehension strategies

TIB: Good readers use a range of comprehension and reading strategies in order to comprehend different texts. Our brain works automatically to use multiple strategies at once. This helps us to have a deep understanding of texts we read.

– What do you do when you read?

– What is your brain thinking about while you read?

– What are some of the strategies called?

Let’s find out if you are right……..


* Watch video

* Choose a tool to present your information (Word, prezi, popplet, bubblus, padlet)

* Record at least 6 things you know about comprehension strategies

* Include headings, sentences and examples.


* Contribute to my shared padlet listing one thing you know about reading comprehension strategies. Make sure you record your name on the wall.

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