Your reading group task for weeks 6 and 7

Write a postcard to Felix’s parents, pretending that you are Felix.

-What would you tell them?

-What would you ask them?

-Think about how YOU would feel if you were Felix.

– leave a comment/reflection in the comments section of this post,Β AFTER you have completed the task

Your postcard must be 3 paragraphs long.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting our blog!

7 thoughts on “cicadaflies”

  1. I really think this book is amazing, because it is true. I also am amazed at things Adolf Hitler did to the Jews.

    P.S: thanks for picking this book so we could read

  2. I think this book was very interesting,because Felix never stopped looking for his parents and never gave up hope.But I did feel sorry for him because this is a thing that would never happen to any of us,but other than that I think this was an amazing for us to do a task about the book!Thanks Mr.Crowther

  3. This task was fascinating, it had so many things in it that wouldn’t happen to us in everyday life. Such as needing parents to protect him from Hitler. That was just an idea about how sad things were to Felix even though this story isn’t in real life. it felt like I was into the story and this story was real I l loved this book and really enjoyed this task!

  4. Thank you Mr Crowther and Miss Bryceland, I found it a lot harder than I expected, but I tried it anyway, that’s how you get better at it.

  5. I like this task, it really makes me feel like Felix. I wish other people could try this task it is really fun and helpful. πŸ“ πŸ’­

  6. I found this a little bit hard of a task, but I did do it and I was happy. I would like to do this again some time.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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