Redbacks, FunnelWebs and Huntsmen

Welcome to your first literacy blog task. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.

We are learning to record the main ideas in a text.

* Read you text
In your reading group book
* Record the main idea (1 sentence)
* Record 4 important facts
* Post your main idea sentence in a blog comment below this post. Make sure you record the title of the text

13 thoughts on “Redbacks, FunnelWebs and Huntsmen”

  1. The book we read was Facing the Future. The Text is Tool Cold.We read they are dying every year.They live in cold mountains.

    1. The book we read i s about ‘Facing the Future’. The text is about ‘Too Cold’. We read that they die every year. They live in cold mountain.

  2. The text Animal Partnerships is about types of animals that help each other to live and survive. I really like the interesting facts .

  3. The text animal partnerships is about working together, I really liked the activity it tells us to get us four main ideas .It was so good to have this feeling to read a unendangered animal book.

  4. The text Animal Partership is about how animals live and protect themselves from predators and how they help the environment .

  5. The book we read is ‘Facing the Future’.The text is about Too Cold.We all did activities in our reading groups book.

  6. This book was an outstanding book by Gary and Shelley Underwood. It was about fish who didn’t have a habitat to live in. It’s not easy for animals finding food because they are endangered, because people kill them and eat them.

  7. The text facing the future is that you have don’t have to live in mountains because its too cold and the ground is always wet.

    1. The text facing the future is that you don’t have to live in the mountains because mountains are always cold and wet, so people have to live in a good place not in the mountains

  8. This book: Facing the Future by Jill Eggleton was mainly about all the people doing hard jobs in a country that don’t have technology and people die fast.

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