Cicadaflies Literacy Task 1

Welcome to your first literacy group blog post.


Read the following instructions carefully.

We are learning to critically reflect on characters.

This week you will need to write 3 diary entries.
* choose one of the main characters in your story
* select 3 significant moments that have happened so far.
* write one journal entry (one paragraph), imagining that you are that character, for each moment.
* Post a one sentence reflection comment about what you have learnt under this post.

Remember to only use your first name!!

5 thoughts on “Cicadaflies Literacy Task 1”

  1. This task is very fun and interesting, I like everything about it. It helps me practice writing about events in the book. 😀 📝

  2. This was a fine and good experience to learn about this book. It helped me and I hope you guys can make more for us😀😀

  3. This was a good and fun learning experience and I want to do it again.The task was pretty easy but some where hard.📝✏️

  4. The task was very interesting today. This book gave me an idea about different religions and about people having hate on them.. This book gave me a lot of ideas and got me thinking about how he lives with people who he doesn’t know.I am thankful for what I have and where I live and that people respect my religion and give me the right to wear a scarf and read the Quran etc.

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