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  1. I learnt that all the things that we use today come from lots of different countries around the world like China. Also we should be lucky that we were born in Australia because we go to school, have a home and we have clean drinking water.
    I think that we should help the poor people because they don’t have a home, food or water like we do. Also they even struggle to live with $1.00 a day.

  2. what would it be like if the world was a village of 100 people. well I think life would be really hard because 6 people would own 59% of the worlds wealth. Also if you had a house you would be 75% richer than everyone one else

  3. What stuck with me is that I found out that I am actually really lucky because I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep on, education and I have food and water ……. but not everyone has what we all have . I have taken many good things that were given to me for granted. Now I know that almost 50% of the world is living under $3 a day.

  4. I believe people that are living in poverty doesn’t deserve it because the government is giving most money to the army when people in different countries are living in poverty ad we can help them. This is a very touching video because people living poverty can be sponsor like a sponsor a girl in Kenya to give her and her family a better living.

  5. what stuck with me was that the world would spend over $1.12 trillion on military uses. the reason the person this video was maybe because they wanted us to be more aware about what’s happening in the world. another thing is that if you have food in a fridge, clothes in a closet, a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head you are richer than 75% of the world

  6. What stuck with me on this video ‘If the world was a village of 100 people’ is that life would be really difficult for those people who live in a village of 100 people. It would be difficult for Asians, Europeans, North Americans, South Americans, Africans and an Oceanic because everyone would have to share food, water and other resources.

  7. What stuck with me today, is how much money is spent on war, is on trying to make peace meetings, help the environment, what a wonderful world this would be. This video clip shows how humanity is still greedy and how humanity is still scared to share their wealth.

  8. what’s stuck with me today is the amount of money which is frequently spent on the development of the military and the enrichment of warfare and weaponry. While the majority of the world is struggling and experiencing malnutrition, and they are also being neglected.

  9. This video means a lot to me. If the world would be a village of 100 people, there would be no multiculturalism and we could easily start war with other religions. Not even a quarter of the world would be educated at all. We Australians have no idea that we are taking everything we have for granted while others live under a dollar or two a day.

  10. What’s stuck with me about this video is the amount of money which is frequently spent on military development and the enrichment of warfare and weaponry. While the majority of the world is struggling and experiencing malnutrition, they are also being neglected.

  11. I also really enjoyed the video. I feel a lot of empathy for those who are living in poverty.

  12. As our WALT is to…
    Understand how Australia is connected to the rest of the world, this video has helped me comprehend our learning intention by making me aware of the many people who live in poverty. As a very lucky country with many responsibilities we can make our job as an Australian to help our world by connecting to our world’s people and environment.
    Thank you; have a lovely day.

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