4 thoughts on “5/6 Townsville are thinking about our goals for Term 4! Below are some of the challenges we hope to achieve this term so we can keep supporting our growth mindsets :)”

  1. My first wish for term 4 is that I have write a bit smaller and neater because sometimes my writing is a bit big.
    My second wish for term 4 is that I have to be more creative and think more outside the box.
    My third wish for term 4 is that I have write across a range of purposes and not just stick to one purpose.
    By Katherine

  2. * My goal is to stay on task an ignore what is going on around me
    * My goal is to keep up to date with publishing all of my writing
    * I wish that I could have neater handwriting

  3. • Amani
    • I want to continue to make my handwriting neater
    • I want to improve in my informative texts
    • I want to improve more by cooperating in my class with other people

  4. Hi
    I am from this class and we have been recreating our wishes from old to new from Term 3. This term, we will try to monitor our own targets and achieving them as we go throughout the the term! Bye for now! ♀
    P . S You guys can check my blog out just by clicking the two links below!

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