Information report on Bears


Bears are aggressive mammals. Bears are strong heavy creatures. Their teeth are very hard so they can chew on the food that they eat. They have long sharp teeth called molars. Their thick brown fur keeps them warm from cold areas.

Bears have a good sense of smell that is used for hunting. They can smell almost anything anywhere. But they don’t have such good sense of sight. Their hearing sense isn’t good either. This makes it hard for the bear to hunt its prey.

Bears do not lay eggs. They are born alive. The baby stays with its mother for a few months. During those months they hibernate. This means they sleep till spring arrives. The reason they do this is because it is cold in winter, so they build a den and sleep in there to keep warm.

Bears are big in size. Polar bears grow up to about 280 centimetres. They also weigh 700 kilograms. Smaller bears grow up to 180 centimetres and weigh 180 kilograms. There are lots of bears, such as the Polar bear, Grizzly bears and Panda’s.

Bears are omnivores. They eat plants such as berries, fruits and many more. They also eat meat. They eat humans and fish. They eat a lot of meat so they can survive and grow.

They are famous for their brown and white coat. They get hunted down for their thick fur coat, and soon there turned into thick fur carpets or something else. Aboriginals also hunt down bears so they can eat it. Some people even set traps for bears!

There are not much bears in rain forests anymore because some bears get killed and hunted down. Animals known as marsupials are NOT bears at all. They are pouched animals. There are many pouched animals such as kangaroos, Wombats, koalas and many more. Bears don’t have pouches at all they use their backs to carry the little baby bears and sometimes their teeth.

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