Learning how to code

Miss Bryceland and Miss Ali Khan have written some code for some simple games.

To play the games you need to click on the green flag and move your mouse around the screen to avoid the main character. Try to get a high score.

Have a go and then leave a comment so we know what you think.

When you are commenting consider the following:

What did you like about the game?
What worked well?
What needs improving?
How would you make it even better?

10 thoughts on “Learning how to code”

  1. Hi again!
    I played Miss Ali Khan’s game again and I scored 1037 pts! WOW! 😉

    Bye for now!
    Alan the Awesome

  2. Hi Miss AK,
    Miss Bryceland’s game is kind of hard, I got, I think, -138 points!
    Your game was programmed wrong, it added points instead of taking away points! I got 204 points!

    From Alan the Awesome Gamer

    P.S. Where is the coding program going to be held?

    1. Hi Alan,
      I was exploring my own point system… unfortunately I must have coded it wrong! Thank you for pointing this out!
      The coding club will start next term and will be held in the computer lab. An expression of interest is going to be distributed today. Are you keen to join?

  3. I like this game it’s really creative. I think maybe you can add lives and each time they hit you you lose a life and if all lives are gone its game over.

  4. Awesome games teachers! I didn’t get it at first but when you continue to play you become familiar with it. I can’t wait to learn more about coding with my peers!

  5. I’m loving these games! The frog is very fast and a tad scary. It’s making me anxious, he’s so hard to avoid!! Can’t wait until I can try make one of these 🙂 Well done Miss Bryceland and Miss Ali Khan

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