Learning to comment in 34A

34A have been learning about the importance of appropriate comments and messages when posting things online.

The teachers are looking forward to reading some of their clever comments that follow the blogging guidelines and help to keep our blog alive.

WALT – respond to a blog post
1. explain the steps for leaving a comment to a partner
2. respond to a blog post
3. open and save a document on the collaborative

TIB – Publishing our thoughts and ideas online means that they are there forever. We need to remember how to comment appropriately and what to do if we see something inappropriate.

Good Luck 34A

One thought on “Learning to comment in 34A”

  1. I know when to be safe on the blog. If I am not sure about something I always ask the teacher or another responsible adult before I write anything online. I know that writing on line is there forever and cannot be changed.

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