3/4 Perth’s Avatar task

Good Morning 3/4 Perth,
Personalise our profile by creating an avatar
– Save a DoppelMe account
– Create an interesting avatar
– Save your DoppelMe avatar onto your desktop
– Save your avatar onto the blog dashboard
Contributors to blogs can make their profile personalised

Looking forward to seeing some creative avatars!

3 thoughts on “3/4 Perth’s Avatar task”

  1. Yes, I agree, Miss Bryceland. 3/4 Perth HAS become more familiar with blogging, and their avatars look so creative! There’s just 1 annoying issue… your avatar picture has to be a square, therefore our avatars do not fit. Can SOMEONE help us solve this issue?

    1. Unfortunately the blog interface only allows for square profile pictures which is a shame as it doesn’t match exactly with doppelme. I will try to find another webtool that creates square avatars. In the meantime you can just crop your picture to fit. Keep up the fantastic work 34P and Miss Ali Khan.

  2. Dear 34P, I really like the way you are all becoming so familiar with blogging. I hope you enjoyed using a new webtool to create your personalised avatar. I look forward to seeing all your posts and comments continue throughout the year. There are still many more things we can use our blog to help us with our learning at school. Now you know the basics it’s easy from here! Well Done.

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