3/4Perth’s Task

Good morning 3/4Perth.
In today’s lesson we will be learning more about blogs.

WALT: Be a blog contributor

– Checking your email
– Accessing the blog link from an email
– Exploring the blog dashboard
– Identifying at least 3 dashboard features and the purpose of them

Contributors to blogs have easier access.

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  1. Edu blogs
    1.Author tag and title: you can change title author and the tag.
    2.Colour: you can change the colour.
    3.Avatar: you can change your avatar.

    From dragonborn skyrim

  2. 3 Features For Edublogs
    1.You can change your password by clicking on profile once and then scrolling down.

    2. If you go to posts you can see your tasks, for example: 3/4 Perth’s tasks.

    3. You can go to the library by clicking media then library, it can take a while to load.

  3. Features for Edublog
    1. On profile you can change your password.
    2. On profile you can change your background.
    3. On comments you can comment to people on that website.

  4. Hi,
    I used to be the guy called Mr. Smart Guy!
    Three features on a blog dashboard are:
    *the “read more” button, which makes more info show up in a post
    *the “profile” button, which lets you change things like the format and colors of the page
    *I have also noticed the “Change Avatar” button, which lets you change your profile picture!

  5. 3 Features
    1st Feature: Avatar- if you press on your avatar, there will be a whole load of avatars you can choose from.
    2nd Feature: Profile- if you press on it, you can change the colour of your dashboard when you click on a colour.
    3rd Feature: Comments- when you press on it, there will be your class mates’ comments. You can even write your own comment.


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