56T end of Semester task

Good Afternoon,

What an amazing semester of learning in 56T!

When you have finished your blog post you need to read these questions and discuss with a partner.

What have you achieved?
What are you pleased with?
What will you be working on for next term?
What are you looking forward to?

The teachers will choose a few people to comment on this post so be prepared to answer if you are chosen.

Things you need to do today:
1) check the edited posts by clicking the comments, make changes and complete your post
2) check that you have saved your work using the appropriate ‘safe name’ on the Internet
3) create an avatar using a webtool called Doppelme. You should find the link on the sidebar.

We look forward to reading your posts.

5 thoughts on “56T end of Semester task”

  1. I have had a fun term learning about blogs! I am happy with myself because now I know how to write a comment and post it too! I am looking forward to learning more things about blogs next term. I hope you are looking forward to learning new things too!

  2. I can’t wait to go camp next year because it’s going to be so fun and cold. The photos are so cool.

  3. I am pleased at how I now know how to use and comment in a blog. I have achieved on making many blog posts which I could not do before. I will be working on how to make more detailed and interesting blog post next term. I am looking forward to continue using the blog and seeing what blogs can do.

  4. I’ve had so much fun learning about blogs! My goal was to learn how to post comments that were appropriate, and luckily, i’ve acheived my goal! I am pleased because i’ve finally learnt how to use blogs which is something i need to do during my everyday life.I think next term i will work on identifying different types of blogs and comments. I am looking forward to exploring different types of websites and blogs so i can build up my knowledge.

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