Stage 2 and 3 Welcome challenge.

Welcome to your first blogging challenge For 2015.

This is our ICT Discoveries blog where we will share all of our technology learning skills, tips and tricks.

Blogging is used all around the world for different purposes. Watch the video link about blogs in the Learning Posts page and then post a comment that gives at least 3 VIPs to demonstrate what you have learnt about blogs.

Remember to think carefully about your comment and ensure you follow the guidelines.

Happy blogging!

Miss Bryceland

31 thoughts on “Stage 2 and 3 Welcome challenge.”

  1. My VIPS are
    * Always be safe on blog
    *Use appropriate/mature language
    *Make sure you use correct punctuation

  2. Hi my VIP’s are
    (1)You can do anything on a blog.
    (2)There are 4 main parts of a blog a header, footer, sidebars and most important of all the body.
    (3)You can use your opinions and ideas.

  3. My V.I.P’s

    (1) On a blog you can share your opinions, ideas and news.
    (2) Blogs have a Header, Sidebars, Body and a Footer.
    (3) All blogs are great!

  4. hi,
    here are some vip’s from the video,
    1)a blog is a place to put your ideas on the internet,
    2)a blog has four parts (the header, the footer, the sidebars and the body).
    3)the body is for all of your ideas.

  5. Good morning/afternoon!
    My three VIPs are:
    1) ‘Blog’ is the shortened version of ‘Web Log’.
    2) Blogs are made up of the header, body, footer and side bars.
    3) Blogs are used to share ideas, new, opinions and thoughts.

  6. Three important points to follow when commenting on blogs are:
    1) Comments must be relevant.
    2) It must have correct punctuation, grammar and spelling.
    3) It must never have offensive vocabulary.
    From Barcode.

  7. My VIPs are:
    1) The footer, sidebars, body, and header combined makes something named a blog.

    2) It is a online journal where you can communicate .

    3) Blogs share your thoughts

    #I know you

  8. Hi everyone, my 3 VIPs are:

    )1. Always post appropiate comments
    )2. On a blog you can share your thoughts, opinions and ideas
    )3.Never post rude comments

  9. 1.It contains a header, body, footer and sidebars.
    2.It is an online journal.
    #You can share your thoughts

  10. Hi
    My 3 VIPs are:

    1) Always check your spelling when commenting
    2) A blog has 4 different parts: The Header, The Body, The Sidebars and The Footer
    3) Stay on the same topic when commenting

    From Hay76

  11. Hi,
    My 3 VIP’s are:
    1) Always write nice things
    2) You MUST check your spelling and punctuation
    3) It’s not good to show personal infomation ☺

  12. Hello, these are my three important VIPs.

    1. Blogs are used to share thoughts, ideas and experiences.
    2. There are four parts in a blog which are the header, the sidebars, the footer and the body.
    3. The body is the most important part of a blog.

  13. My VIP’s are:
    1) Write relevant and polite comments.
    2)Blogs are to express our ideas and thoughts.
    3)Use correct punctuation and spelling.

  14. My VIP’s are:
    1) A blog is basically an online diary or journal.
    2) The main things that make a blog are a footer, a sidebar, a body and a header.
    3) Blogs express who you are.

  15. My 3 vips are:
    Blogging is a great way to connect with everyone.

    The body is the main part of the blog.
    Posts are shown on the main page of your blog.

  16. Hi Miss bryceland and fellow bloggers,
    My three VIPS are:
    1) write nice, formal comments
    2 Stay relavent!
    3)check your spelling.
    sincerly) Sarina

  17. Hi everyone
    (1 Blogging is fun to add information
    (2 Blogging should be for everyones information
    (3 You can design a blog.
    from Ahmed

  18. Here Are My 3 VIPS:
    1) Blogs are helpful for:new information,share your ideas and learn new things
    2) Do anything no Matter what you do for example:work,school Work and other things
    3) You can interact with people and post comments

  19. Hi 3/4 Perth.

    1) I learnt that blogging comments can be appropriate and inapropriate in many ways.
    2) I learnt that Emails sometimes can be appropriate.
    3) This is a fun blog. Thanks Miss Bryceland 🙂

    Your regards,

  20. MY VIPS Are
    1)The word blog means web log.
    2)Blogs are made for people’s experiences.
    3)There are four parts of a blog which are the header, the footer, the sidebar and the body.

  21. Hi guys whats up i am going to say 3 VIPS.

    1)In a blog there are 4 parts header,footer, sideber and a body.
    2)In the blog always check your punctuation.
    3)Be nice to people in the blog and have fun!

  22. Hi, Miss Bryceland,
    I now have 3 VIPs!

    1) Blogs have 4 main parts:
    1. The Header
    2. The Footer
    3. The Sidebar
    Finally 4. The Body

    2) The word “blog” stands for “web log”. The two words are mushed together to make “blog”.

    3) Blogs are made for putting on experiences and other things.

    From Mr. Smart Guy

  23. Hello guys my 3 VIPs are:
    1) There are 4 parts of a blog Header, Sidebar, Footer and a body.
    2) On a blog you must always use punctiation.
    3) You can share opinions, thoughts and ideas.

    From Joseph

  24. Hi
    Our 3 VIP’s are:
    1)There are 5 parts of a blog and they are the Header, Footer,Sidebars and
    the most important part of the blog the Body.
    2)On the blog you can share your opinions, ideas and your thoughts.
    3)Once you post your comment on the blog it stays there forever.

    From Ally and Jana

  25. Hi Everyone,

    This comment is a test.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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