Stage 2 and 3 Welcome challenge.

Welcome to your first blogging challenge For 2015.

This is our ICT Discoveries blog where we will share all of our technology learning skills, tips and tricks.

Blogging is used all around the world for different purposes. Watch the video link about blogs in the Learning Posts page and then post a comment that gives at least 3 VIPs to demonstrate what you have learnt about blogs.

Remember to think carefully about your comment and ensure you follow the guidelines.

Happy blogging!

Miss Bryceland

31 thoughts on “Stage 2 and 3 Welcome challenge.”

  1. hey everyone
    34perth had a lot of fun in class.We went outside and wrote down examples of living and non-living things.
    from ck

  2. What stuck with me? From Alan
     I learnt to write narratives. (WRITING)
     I learnt my 13 and 14 times tables.(MATHS)
     I learnt that “blog” stands for “web log”.(SCIENCE AND TECH.)
     I learnt not to be rude in blog posts. (SCIENCE AND TECH.)

  3. Hi Guildford!
    My three VIP’s are:
    1) Never use inappropriate language when commenting or saying it in public!
    2) The main parts of a blog is:
    1. The Header
    2. The Footer
    3. The Side Bars
    4. The Body
    3) The blog helps you to communicate with others that you know and trust!

    By: Linda

  4. hey guys my 3 vip are
    1 blog is a short cut of “web log ”
    2 on blogs you can share your ldeas
    3 there are many different types of blogs

  5. My 3 VIPS are:
    I will never write anything inappropriate

    Always be on topic.

    Be polite to everybody.

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